Quentin Tarantino Says Nothing “Rings True” About “Roots”

While film and television  should never serve as substitutes for actual research and education about a subject, it is troubling that Tarantino is attempting to position himself as an authority on slavery by denouncing one of the few nationally televised works that has broached the subject in over thirty years. However flawed “Roots” may be, there is nothing in Tarantino’s resume that future generations can look back to and hold up as scholarly treatise on any topic except maybe racism, rape and bondage.

Positioning “Django” as being more authentic by saying “Roots” pulled punches is like Beanie Sigel calling out Melle Mel for not offering a more graphic  depiction of inner city life in “The Message.”

Jay-Z has built a stadium full of seats Tarantino needs to have…

Read the whole thing here


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    Tarantino, just keep sipping booze from Uma Thurman’s heels and shut the fuck up, wouldya? smdh
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    I don’t give a shit what people say about Alex Haley making stuff up or plagiarising or WHATEVER they can to diminish...
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    As much as I loved Django… Shut the fuck up Quentin.
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    I respected Quentin as a filmmaker, but there would always be small this that downed the black man for no reason.
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    Let me be clear - I am a fan of Tarantino movies. I will go see Django as I have made an effort to see all his past...
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    I’m saying though! And why the fuck does he think anyone cares if he was personally “moved” by Roots?? That’s like the...
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    This is the same guy who justified dropping the n-bomb left & right in the 90s by crowing about “reverse racism.” Good...
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    ummmm okayy…… This non-colored man really needs to sit his uppity ass down.. he is no one to criticize roots while he...
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    Django is more real, but Kerry Washington is in the movie with a curly lacefront that goes all the way down to her ass.....
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    This is why I don’t like tarantino. He’s always seemed like a self important douchebag.
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    Tarantino. SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP.
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